Tuesday, September 30, 2014

And Now for My New Trick: Showering Alone!

Excuse me, I have an important announcement to make.  I just discovered the secret to a peaceful shower by myself!!!!!!  As in there are no children present.  I realize I may be a little late to this party, I apparently am a slow learner.  If you are a mom with kids home during the day: Pay attention.

See, I have this problem with getting to shower alone these days while I am a stay-at-home, work-at-home mom.  In fact, I rarely get to shower without an audience. 

Usually, the only way to ensure safety while I shower is to lock both kids in my bedroom with me.  Which, mind you, isn't peaceful or calm or anything resembling time to myself.  My bedroom also usually looks like a tornado hit it by the time I am ready to go.  As a result, sometimes it's just not worth the effort and the shower has to wait until nap time or even not at all...

Lately, my routine has included going to the gym 2-3 times a week.  Usually this happens while my oldest is at his half-day preschool.  I then bring my youngest to play with the other kids at the gym while I get a workout in.  The only problem is that after I am done I have approximately 23 minutes to get cleaned up and pick up my son.  So, I have been doing what any normal, rational person would do: Race home, throw a snack at my daughter and turn on Mickey Mouse, take a 3 minute shower, comb my hair, get dressed and run back to preschool for pick-up.  Calm and serene this is not.  So, I usually just remain sweaty for several more hours until I have time to do something with myself.  If I am lucky.

For some reason today, it occurred to me in the rush to get out the door that I could save myself several minutes of time if I showered at the gym and then went directly to the preschool for pick-up.  I packed my bag and went on with the morning.

Fast forward to post-workout.

I head to the dimly-lit locker room complete with energizing music, cushioned benches and full-size, surprisingly soft towels and prepare for my shower.  Sometime mid-shampoo, something occurs to me.  It's quiet.  Even peaceful.  There are no screams or demands emanating from around the shower curtain.  Hmmm.
This is really my locker room. For modesty's sake, I left myself out.
I finish my shower and proceed to get dressed where I am able to do so RIGHT AWAY without wrangling anyone or breaking up a fight.  Strange.  I even took an extra minute and applied nicely smelling lotion.  Then, I combed my hair and put on make-up without having to also do the same for a certain 19 month old. Not that I mind, its kinda cute she wants to do everything I do. But sometimes there just isn't time for that!

As I walk to the playroom to retrieve my daughter, I feel a sense of calm and peace come over me.  In that moment (and to be honest, only that moment), I feel like I am totally rockin' this Mom thing.  It was that feeling of having my sh*t together for what seemed like the first time in months ever. 

It was also nice to go to preschool and for once not be a sweaty mess.  See, other moms, I can look pretty here and there!

Right now, I am kicking myself for not thinking of this genius idea sooner!  Which leads me to my next question: Is it inappropriate to take the kids to the gym just so I can shower?

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