Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's Not Just Baby Fat Anymore

She's two. I think I am past the point of saying "It's just a little extra baby weight" and being taken seriously. My excuses are expired. How's that for accountability?

Yes, I love my squishy body for all the things it has done these past two years - carried a child, birthed a child and nourished a child. I do. I really love it. But, I most certainly do not like it right now. However, it's not about how I look so much as how I feel. I don't feel great. And, I am quite certain it's not just because I am a Mom.

What I am certain of is that I am not taking care of myself.

Before I became a Mom, I had no problem telling a Mom "You can't take care of other people if you don't take care of yourself." How perfectly naive I was. Humorous now.

I am not eating well. I am not sleeping well. And, I am not consistently exercising for myself. And, all three of these facts, would likely produce a response such as "I don't have time." And, it's true. Time is fleeting and time is sparse - for everyone, not just me. I don't have time. But, it's time to make time.

I'm 35. Not old. But, I feel old. And, I don't like that feeling.

I may never be a swimsuit model. And, I may never be a gym rat (again - been there, done that). And, I may never be the star of my local cross fit. But, never say never, right?

What I don't want: To diet. To starve myself. And, to miss out in one of life's greatest enjoyments - eating. I'm not in this to lose 100 pounds - with that, a diet may be necessary. What I want to be is healthy. And, I want to feel healthy. And, I don't want to guzzle a bottle of pepto every week or two because my insides are feeling yucky.

I want some energy back. I want my skin to be a bit smoother. I want my belly to feel better. And, since I'm sending my wishes out there, I'd love a flatter stomach.

I really want to exercise again. Remembering back to the times when exercise was an important philosophy in my daily life, I absolutely felt better. Add looking better to the list and you had me at hello.

There you have it: I am committing to making small changes in my life that will lead to big differences:

1.  I commit to making sleep a larger priority. 8 hours please. Or maybe 7.

2.  I commit to simply paying attention to what I am eating. It's called awareness and I am sure it exists even when eating. With that, I commit to not eating off my child's plate. It's mindless and not fulfilling and just ends up on my thighs.

3.  I commit to making exercise part of my daily routine again. If I miss a day, who cares, but I commit to not missing enough days in a row to equal a year.

That's it. I am not changing the world here.

Although, I guess my world might change in the process. I'm ready.

This is exactly what working out is like with a toddler, right? Not that mine is climbing on my face or anything....

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  1. I found that the hardest part is just starting. Once you start- it becomes a habit. Who cares if the dishes sit in the sink for one extra day? YOU are more important than dishes. Just gotta find that time and stick to it. For me- it was after my baby went to sleep. That was the only thing I wouldn't sacrifice- time with her. Good luck!!!!! :)