Thursday, September 25, 2014

Red Crayon vs. Vomited Blueberries

Here we embark on an involuntary quest to determine which of these lovely stains is actually harder to get out of carpeting. Note I said involuntary. "Why on earth do you care?" you ask. We care because we have to care. We don't have a choice. Can't leave a rainbow of crayon or regurgitated blueberries on the carpeting forever. So, you'll thank us later, I promise. At some point in your parenting, you too, will be charged with a stain that you'd rather leave to rot. But, you can't.


Baba had been coughing. A lot. And, it was nearly impossible for her to stop. We intervened with some meds - because, well, who can sleep when you're coughing every 10 seconds? Turns out that the combination of medicine, with the constant aggravation to her larynx and lungs ended in eruption.

And, more than just once. Like, every fifteen minutes for five hours. It was not pretty. (Perhaps I mentioned the blueberries she had for dinner?!)

Kinda reminds me of when I was pregnant with her. And, everything I ingested came right back out again.

If you're a parent, you've likely experienced the wretched experience that is chasing tail after a vomiting child. Worse if the child can't or is too young to make it to any sort of toilet - as in Baba's case.

Therefore, the five hours consisted of constant sheet changes, new pajamas, blankets, towels and a dab at the rug whenever possible. Thankfully, she recovered quickly and those hours were the only hours she was plagued by this ick.

The carpet? That's a different story. The evidence remains, despite how hard I attacked those blueberries.

- - -

Meanwhile, 750 miles away, someone else at another household decided that it would be a good idea to draw a pretty picture for his Momma. How nice of you, Brother.

Brother and Sister were playing nicely in the playroom while Mommy was in the kitchen preparing dinner.  It was quite lovely actually as they were playing and there was no screaming emanating from the playroom for a good 15 minutes. I was happily cooking away so that dinner would actually be ready by the time the kids got hungry. A miracle.

It may have been a little too quiet, now that I think about it.  Quiet is always a warning sign for something in this house and it is never a something good.  At the time, it just did not register in my brain that was thinking of 23 other things I needed to do that evening, which included leaving the house in 30 minutes for a meeting. 

I finally wandered over to the playroom to gather those cute little cherubs for dinner and what do my eyes behold?  Brother is standing in the doorway with a huge smile and says: "Look Momma, I made you a pretty rainbow.  AND it's a race track!" 
You're lucky we didn't show you the blueberries...
I look around trying to figure out where this lovely rainbow racetrack was located and then I look the floor.  Yep.  Said masterpiece was drawn in crayon on our just 4 days prior freshly steam cleaned (of course!) cream-colored carpet.  Lovely indeed. 

At first, I gave no reaction.  Because while I was extremely annoyed at the new item on my to-do list for the evening, I also knew it wasn't the end of the world entirely and there were far worse things that could have happened or been broken.  As my husband remarked later, "Isn't drawing in crayon on the walls or floor some sort of childhood right of passage." 

The thing that got to me the most was that the weekend before I had literally spent the afternoon cleaning this exact carpet.  After having a serious chat with Brother that we do not draw on anything other than paper, I spent a good portion of the night re-cleaning the carpet.  And, after several rounds of scrubbing all of the crayon was gone.  Except for the red crayon which sadly is still visible enough.

As the professional carpet cleaner apparently did not quite cut it, I am currently researching home remedies that remove crayon from carpet.  Specifically, red crayon.  Until then, a red circle marks the spot. 

What was it about that night in these two houses?  Maybe it was something about that full moon.

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