Monday, November 17, 2014

I'll Potty Train Her When She's Ready

Period. OK, end of post.

No, really.  If I learned anything from biting my nails down to the quick until she finally walked at the ripe old age of 17 months, it's to chill (the eff) out and let her develop at her own speed.

I'm pretty sure she won't show up to Kindergarten in diapers. Yes, I would love to invest the money I spend on diapers somewhere else, say, for her to go to college.  Yes, I would love to not wipe another squished-from-sitting-poopy butt. Yes, I would love to have this phase behind us.

But, the bottom line is, she's not ready. Yet.

Granted, she's getting close. And, I suppose I could do a three day potty-training boot camp (yes, she does have some camo shoes that could be appropriate for the event). But, ultimately, it's a lot of pressure on her (and me!) and, until she's ready, how well will it even sit with her? Will she get it?

She's pees on the potty at school. But, never (ever) at home. Sigh. And, #2? Well, that's still just better sitting in her diaper. How, I have no idea, but well, I've been potty trained for quite some time, so I don't remember the feeling.

Part of me is actually afraid to potty train - it seems like so much work. I know that sounds super lazy and if you know anything about me, it's that I am far from lazy. All the rewards (or not) for actually sitting on and going to the potty.  All the rushing to the potty every fifteen minutes. Sounds like a full-time job. And, I already have one of those.

I feel like potty training is one thing that is left out of the parenting manual. What? You didn't get one of those when you left the hospital? I sure did (insert sarcastic laugh here). There are a billion websites devoted to ordering charts and stickers and crap, but how do you actually do potty training?

Is there a particular method? Do you run to the potty every fifteen minutes hoping that something will dribble from naked toddler? Do you bribe reward with all kinds of usually-restricted treats? Do you rationally explain to said toddler that pottying is necessary to become the ever-elusive 'big kid?'

Sigh. I just don't know. Can I leave it in the hands of her teachers at school?  How irresponsible would that be?

I guess it's all moot anyway, since she's not ready yet. Maybe, just maybe, she and I will both be ready at the same time. I'll be ready to train her when she's ready to train.

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