Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 Reasons Not To Find Out the Sex of Your Baby

Did you find out the sex of your baby(s) before it arrived?

I read this post on Scary Mommy a few days ago and it got me to thinking: Is it really so strange to NOT find out the gender of your baby before it is born?

Up until the past few decades, nobody found out what they were having until it popped out.  My mom's last baby was born in 1985, and while she did not find out the gender beforehand, she did have her first and only ultrasound with this pregnancy. And that was considered strange.

Fast forward to 2011 and my first pregnancy.  We did not find out the gender.  We wanted what my husband declared would be one of the only great surprises of our lives.  Second baby arrived in 2013 and again we chose not to find out the gender.  Was this crazy?

But let me tell you, there were plenty of family and friends who just did not understand this decision and the "when are you going to find out what you are having?" questions never really stopped. 

So, to each their own, but to anyone undecided, here you go!

10 reasons NOT to find out the sex of your baby:

1.  Surprises can be fun! It's like being a kid on Christmas morning.

2. You don't know what you don't know.  Once that 20 week ultrasound is over you may not get another chance to find out anyway.

3.  Want to drive certain annoying family members a bit crazy?  This may be a solution.

4.  Not finding out gives impatient people (like me) a lesson in patience.  Which comes in handy once that baby does arrive.

5.  You get to try all those old wives tales for predicting baby's gender.

6.  Buying gender neutral gear and clothes saves money! (For the next baby)

7.  Those gender reveal parties and announcements are a lot of work.

8.  Once you find out the gender, prepare to scrap your registry list and instead receive oodles of clothes.

9.  Since you don't know what you're having, you can't possibly have baby names selected which means you won't have to endure everyone's opinions on those names.   

10.  No matter what comes out, you will fall in love at first sight!  
Did you find out the sex of your baby?  I think if I had third baby (I'm not!), I would still go for the surprise.  Give me your reasons though - maybe I can be persuaded to switch sides! 


  1. Love this!!!! Didn't find out either and it is such a wonderful surprise!!! And yes, annoys any family members lol : ))

  2. I knew (via ultrasound) we were having girls both times. I said if #2 had been a boy I wouldn't find out the 3rd time. I'm a planner so I needed to know what colors my nursery was going to be. But if I had clothes for each I'd stop finding out before the birth.