Friday, July 11, 2014

I Don't Go to the Gym to Workout

Ok, that's half true.  I definitely go to workout.  I had two kids in two years- trust me, I NEED to workout. 

But lately I have been making an effort to go to the gym just a little bit more often and here's why:  I need a break. 

Right now, I am a full-time stay at-home mom, and as of two weeks ago, my son is also home from pre-school for the summer.  So for those of us counting, that's one 3 1/2 year old and one 17 month old.  And me. 

Keeping these kids entertained, fed healthy and complete meals and snacks, not fighting over who touched whose toy, and ensuring I don't completely lose my sanity is no easy task.  Not to say I don't love spending this time with my kids, but 10 hours a day while Daddy is at work can add up to a lot of hours to fill. 

Oh, and did I mention we live in the desert and it's hotter than hell outside?  The only outdoor activities we can participate in lately must involve water. 

So back to my big kick to get in shape.  Don't tell my husband - he thinks this is all a big effort to get that pre-baby body back.  And, while I do need to tone up (who doesn't!), my bigger motivation these days is to get some easy-peasy Mommy time.  Because, quite frankly, it's not so easy to get much time just for me.  And, I really don't feel guilty about this at all.

Our gym has an amazing kid zone complete with movie room and bounce house.  Trust me, the kids are not suffering.  They have time to play and interact with kids their own age and come back to me content and, bonus, a wee bit tired.   

You see, being home with the kids full-time can be, despite what many may think, exhausting and overwhelming.  I wouldn't trade it but that doesn't mean I don't need healthy outlets to maintain a little independence and well-being.  My time at the gym is most peaceful, calm, and serene part of my day - yes, seriously.  Even while breaking a sweat. 
Bye kids!
 (Can you just feel my sigh of relief?)

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  1. Sometimes the kiddos need a break too =)

    Nixon loves the kid's room at cross fit - we have to draaaaag him out of there lol