Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sleep = Sanity

I “trained” AK to sleep when she was 8 ½ months old.  I consider it one of the best things I have done thus far as a mom.  AK needs sleep more than she knows and I KNOW how much I need sleep.  Before child, I required 8 hours a night or I reared more than just my ugly head.  When she was a newborn, I somehow existed on so little sleep that I still wonder how I functioned – must have been all those hormones coursing through my body.

When she hit 8 ½ months, I realized I was no longer a human and instead a much whispier version of myself.  I knew I had no choice – it was sleep train or stop existing.  (Way more on this topic to come. Through way of this training, I have realized what may be my “calling.”)  Bottom line: she has been sleeping like that proverbial, and I guess, real baby that she is.
February has been a rough month for us – as far as illnesses go.  We’ve (and by we’ve, I really mean my poor, sweet AK) battled pneumonia, the flu, two double ear infections and a bout of RSV.  Life has been dandy.  I remain thankful that I have an employer who is understanding and co-workers who are flexible and kind. 

Through all of these illnesses, sleep has suffered.  And, consequently, we all have suffered.  I shuffle through many of my days with my eyelids barely doing their jobs, and putting one foot in front of the other takes every bit of strength I can muster.  Last night, for example, after a breathing treatment designed to stop this constant hacking cough, AK was wired.  Her body, because of the drugs, was telling her that it was time to play and play like a groupie at a rock concert. (I hate drugs, but that’s another story for another day.)
Of course, she didn’t stay awake in the mosh pit by herself.  Enter husband and me.  Taking turns attempting to rock a baby who wants nothing to do with being still, singing gentle humming songs while she would rather be dancing and attempting to keep our eyes open – For. Three. Hours.

Here’s what I learned from last night:
1.  I am thankful for husband who willingly took up half the slack of this adventure.
2.  The doctor and I need to have a very serious chat about this medicine.
3.  Holy buckets, I love my sleep.
Sweet AK not feeling her best.

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