Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cupcakes and Marriage (Huh?!)

Marriage. I wouldn't want to do this kids thing without the support, love and dedication of husband. He's pretty much the best Daddy ever. He loves our kids like they are his world every single day. He works hard to support our family. And, generally speaking, he's a really good partner. I understand that many people do have to go this alone. So, I remain thankful for having that partnership. But. Having kids sure can do a number on a marriage. Huh?

Let's face it - men, as a whole, like the attention of their beautiful wives. And, I don't blame them. They feel important, needed and even studly. After kids, that attention shifts so greatly that they are left wondering where that person who thought they were the greatest went. And, this is only the beginning, really.

Stressors like money, time, work and the likes of these seem to place burden on what was once a bit more blissful.  Maybe a little naive too.  Challenges should be an expected part of life as much as I hate to admit it.  And, the reality is that we all go through tough times, even if we don't always like to admit it out loud. And my family hasn't been immune to the realities of life.  There, I said it.

Thing is - I know we'll get through it. I want to spend my life with no other husband.

A wise friend, who will go unnamed due to the credit going to her head, suggested that, perhaps a really little thing will make husband feel more loved and, in turn, create a sense of peace that we may be in need of. What is this little thing, you ask?  A cupcake of course.

I was going to get myself a cupcake. Don't judge - I had experienced one of "those" days. Nothing a perfectly sweet and delicious cupcake wouldn't solve. So, this friend suggested that I get one for husband. I knew there could be no harm in this simple gesture, so I listened to her. And, am I glad I did.

The cupcake sat in the fridge for the first 24 hours.  I casually mentioned to him that this glorious cupcake was for him to enjoy. He seemed rather un-phased.  I was, at first, slightly discouraged, but whatever, it was just a cupcake. I let it go.

The next day, I received a text to the likes of  "Wow. Thank you for getting me this cupcake. It was delicious and I really appreciate you thinking of me." From that point forward, something was re-ignited. Perhaps I really had not been paying husband the attention he craved, desired and deserved. And, this simple little gesture opened his eyes to how important he is in my world despite what challenge or frustrations we may be facing. We all have bad days, right? What a simple little thing that really can brighten an otherwise not-so-great day.

Life isn't perfect. Marriage is far from perfect. But, I gotta love when something so simple makes such a big difference.

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