Thursday, September 18, 2014

That Time I Peed In My Baby's Diaper

Yeah, we're pretty happy:  this post made it as a guest post on BabyCenter!
Check it out here and then read below:

It's amazing the things we will do for our children - to keep them comfortable, happy and healthy.  Up to, and including, peeing in a baby diaper.


AK and I were visiting Tracy. Tracy lives in Phoenix and I wonder how her family is expected to survive in such a horridly hot climate.  Really.  It's pathetic.  I was dripping, sticky and whining most of the time - I must have been a true joy. 

AK came down with a fever a few days in, which quickly turned into labored breathing. Being asthmatic myself, we went to the ER. If you have ever been to the ER, you know that they most certainly don't pride themselves on their speed to tend to your needs. Although pleasant, professional and nice enough to AK, this was not a simple or short process.

We were hauled from one room to another, meeting one nurse after another wondering what would have happened had she actually been in true danger. Thankfully, I knew she wasn't, so I was able to stay quite calm.  But, you try keeping an 18 month old on her best behavior in this situation and tell me how it works out. At the end of the day, my little girl was an angel, but I worked really hard at it.

This included not using the restroom.

I can tell you exactly when I realized I had forgotten this very innate action.  Tracy had just made her third visit to the hospital, in between tending to her own family. On Mother's Day nonetheless. That woman is a saint.  She had brought some food for AK since this little visit was now running from breakfast into lunch. AK and I had finally made it into our own room, the curtain was drawn, the cartoons were on the microscopic TV and AK was finally getting sleepy.  In my arms.  While laying on the bed.  Tracy left me with a neat little stack of diapers and wipes along with my phone, my water bottle and a few snacks if the baby got hungry.  As soon as she walked out the door, I realized it. This was not going to be easy.

I sucked up the first 15 minutes. I even turned the channel from cartoons to HGTV thinking that watching the Property Brothers work their magic in just 30 minutes would keep my mind off of what was quickly becoming pain in my bladder. Confession: it didn't help.

AK was sleeping so soundly and had somehow melded herself into me. There was no way I could interrupt her - she had been so good during a really tough morning.

Then I spotted the baby diaper. Can I? Should I? Will I?

The first two answers should have been "no." But, my mind was tormented by how badly I wanted to. So, the third answer was "I'm sure gonna try."  And, I did.

End of story. Kinda.

Let's just say that it ended with me blaming the "accident" on my poor, sick, sleeping baby and the nurse giving me a pair of pajama pants to put on when I finally let my sleeping angel lay on her own. I'm not proud of this. But, I also am thankful I have been blessed with a sense of humor. I guess I am also thankful Tracy has a similar sense of humor.  Although, she might have been slightly shocked/appalled/flabbergasted at my confession. But, I guess I might never know as she is THAT good a friend.

AK recovered nicely, we went home and the story is most certainly NOT one of those that will never be spoken of again. It's just too good.

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