Thursday, August 28, 2014

How I am Breaking the Rules the Second Time Around

If you've been around here for awhile reading about both mine and Sarah's journey through parenting, you may have noticed that we truly try to emulate the title of our blog.  Two (or To) Parent Simply.  And, I really do try to. 

But, recently I have noticed that I may perhaps be internalizing this motto just a little too much.  Maybe I am getting a little too laid back?  Or, maybe now that I have two kids I am just too busy that I am becoming "lazy," for lack of a better word, in certain areas of my parenting? 

"They" say that with your first born you go a bit overboard with everything and then with your last born you totally slack off and let them get away with murder.  This was definitely true in my childhood (let's just say I was basically on lock down while my sister, the baby, got, well, babied) and it's looking like it is going to be also true with my children.  Shoot.

I know I am not alone here in cutting corners or "forgetting" to do certain things now that there are two kids to attend to.  I also know that so many moms (and dads too) feel guilty over every little thing they do or don't do for their child that they feel they should be doing, like keeping them up past their bed time.  (Ahem, Sarah.)  Rules and schedules need to be broken once in a while in the interest of living life and having fun.  Trust me, the memories that are made when the schedule is forgotten will last a lot longer than the fact that the kid is a little tired or cranky.  They will adjust.

Some parents may be appalled by what I am about to confess. (Possibly even my partner in this blog.)  But, don't be.  I feel guilty about each of these items for a few seconds and then move on with my life.

- I cannot remember the last time I washed, disinfected or even wiped off my daughter's pacifiers.

- I hear you are supposed to give new foods to babies one at a time for a few days to ensure there is no allergy. And, to not give foods that are known to give reactions.  So, that pureed strawberry-mango combo at 6 months was a bad idea?  Oops.

- I have tried to limit the screen time for both kids.  However, there is no other earthly way possible to accomplish anything when they are both home and awake.  Therefore, CJ, the three year-old, does have TV privileges and so by default does EM, the 18 month old.  (She even knows how to turn on the TV and work the Ipad.)

- I am pretty sure my oldest did not have juice until he was at least 2 years old.  EM, however, of the words she knows well, regularly requests "apple."  And we give it to her.  (Watered down of course!) 

- If I hear a kid crying, or even screaming, I do not immediately go running.  I give it a minute or two and see if they can just take care of it on their own.  If it gets louder, then I go investigate.

I think that's enough confessing for one day!  So, am I terrible?  Or, can you relate and if so, what would you add to this list?  Please share so I know I am not alone here! 
Another way being the youngest rocks: Ice Cream!


  1. Is it bad that I did a few of things with my first-born? Hahahaha. I ate a lot of ice cream while I was breastfeeding and my daughter always had to have a few bites while I ate mine. This was around 8 months so not really recommended, haha.

    1. Ice Cream - definitely in the same family as breast milk!! HAHA - Love it, Larissa!!

  2. I struggled with when to introduce TV as well. But you are right....The hour or so my 2 year old watches Calliou is sometimes my only time to do house chores. I can only hope I will hold out and not flip on the boob tube too early for my 6 week old. Love these kinds of posts.

    1. Thanks, Kami! I remember saying how I wanted to avoid the TV for as long as possible in my daughter's life. But, holy buckets, I can knock out the chores while Mickey Mouse is on!!