Thursday, August 21, 2014

8 Reasons I Will Miss Breastfeeding Now That It's Over

I am now one month removed from my very last time breastfeeding my (likely) very last baby.  And while for the most part, my reaction to this is a big sigh of relief, for a variety of reasons, it also gives me a pang of nostalgia and sadness that it is over.

In total, I nursed my two babies, the boy and sister, for 29 months. Both of them were able to wean on their own - a fact that I am eternally and whole-heartedly grateful for.  My only goal in completing my nursing experience with each of them was that they could choose when they were done.  And they did.  The boy at 13 months and sister at 16 months.  I cannot even put into words my contentment and satisfaction with this fact.

But, as I alluded above, at least with my recent baby, I was feeling ready to move on.  Luckily, it turns out she was too and we shared that last nursing session during a late night dream feed because I just needed some relief.  In the moment, I had a suspicion that would be it, and it was.  I was sad for a minute, but mostly grateful for the experience. 

Please allow me now to take a minute to reflect on all the ways that I will miss what has become my (very time-consuming) hobby these last two years.

1.  Food.  I was one of those nursing mom's who definitely needed to consume extra calories to produce enough milk.  Hello ice cream and nutella, you are already sorely missed from my daily menu.  (Although my butt and hips may soon be glad you are gone.)

2.  Physical fitness.  It was so nice to be able to burn at least 500 calories a day WHILE DOING NOTHING.  I relished in this probably a little too much actually and need to get my butt moving a bit more now.  No more excuses!

3.  Time to relax.  I have a busy life. Who doesn't these days though, right?  It turns out that being forced to take a break and sit on the couch or up in the nursery several times a day for a little breather wasn't so terrible after all.    

4.  Bonding with my baby.  Our time nursing was probably the only uninterrupted, quiet time we had together the entire day.  This was even more true with my second baby because I had a toddler running around.  There is nothing quite as special as having your baby gaze at you lovingly while filling their belly.  Now that I think of it, no one has been gazing lovingly at me since either.

5.  Big Boobs.  Ahem.  So, not that it matters of course, but it was kinda nice to have a little cleavage these past months.  Normally, I am lacking in that department a bit so I'll take it where I can get it.

6.  Saving money.  Let's be honest.  One of the major reasons breastfeeding rocks is that its FREE. (Mostly- save for that pump if you need one.  But new laws have even made that possibly free.)  Buying formula sucks if only for the cost.  While I am proud to say my youngest did not require a drop of formula (GO ME!), my first baby did need supplementing with formula due to milk supply issues.  And even supplementing a few bottles a day was pretty costly.  No thanks.

7.  Getting out of chores.  OK, keep this one on the down low.  But all of that time spent nursing was time I could not possibly be helping with other things that needed giving our oldest his bath, walking the dog, doing the dishes, and picking up the house.  "Sorry honey, I have to feed the baby" provided a convenient excuse for my husband to pick up my slack without him batting an eyelash, while I got a little time out.

8.  Being the sole food source.  What's the point in making all of that milk if you can't brag about it a little bit?  Excuse me while I feed my ego now.  Being the sole provider of food for your child is nothing short of a wonderful, miraculous feat and one I feel proud to have accomplished twice.  Once they start on pureed foods this changes a bit but knowing that someone else is depending on you for survival, and you are providing the means to it, is a pretty cool feeling.

One thing I will not miss: my pump.  It's the best friend I never wanted!

What will you (or do you) miss most about breastfeeding your little one? 
How do I miss thee Nutella? Let me count the ways...


  1. So glad to hear that I'm not the only one sneaking out of a few chores ;)