Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Confession: My Mom is the Fun One

There are literally countless life lessons I have learned from my mom. That woman is one tough, resilient lady.

Probably the best lesson I have learned that has been applicable to me recently is this: be positive and enjoy life.  Ok, that's two things. That's also not rocket science. But, she has practically had to pound these messages into my brain at times.  (More on her many mom-isms to come.)

The thing is, my mom completely and totally lives this every day of her life.  Hell, she exudes this message out of every pore of her body.  Sure she has bad days, or maybe even weeks, and life has definitely dealt her some big blows. But you know what, she has never ever, ever let it get her down or keep her down.  She has set an amazing example to my two siblings and myself that regardless of what terrible or tragic things may happen in our lives, we must carry on, remain positive, and live our lives as happily and fully as we can.

Ok, so maybe that's enough sappiness for one post.  However, I feel a little accolade and props is necessary.  The woman amazes me and her energy level is off the chart. Also, husband, if you are reading this, stop wondering why I like to be busy.  I promise I am getting to a point soon.

And my point is this: my mom is now at a turning point in her life as she approaches retirement. Most start to slow down about now, right? At least that's what I hear 60-year olds do. My mom? Not so much. It seems the woman is kicking it into high gear. Now it is finally HER time. I honestly don't know how she has the energy and she's still working full-time.

I live across the country from my mom and just spent two weeks with her so kept her schedule light in order to spend time with my family. The week before I got home though? She kayaked after work 4 nights (her latest sport venture), dinner out, imbibed during Friday happy hour, and hiked all day Saturday plus throw in some yard work, church, and of course her regular day job.  I am exhausted just thinking about that. (My defense: I have a 17 month old and a 3 year old. That's pretty exhausting right there.)

This is also the woman who took advantage of a winter weather state of emergency a few months back by going cross-country skiing at a local park. Her explanation, the snow was just beautiful and it was quiet and serene. Of course it was! Everyone was buying milk and hunkering down in their houses for the night.

Her activities are countless: biking, hiking, kayaking, volunteer usher at two local theaters, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, garden club, bible study, operas, weekly happy hours (must not forget happy hour!), plus her three kids and three grand kids.  Whew!

Maybe she's not so unique. After all, our parents spend the better part of two decades carting our butts around to school, sports, doctor appointments, friends houses, jobs, and college.  She's finally free and she is living it up.  And I say, go for it. I love knowing that my mom is out having fun and enjoying her life to the fullest and then some.  I can only hope to have the energy and good health at her age to continue the same level of activity.

There is a moral to this story I think.  It sounds cliché but age is completely just a number, it really means nothing and its all about your mindset.  You can do anything you set your mind to (I'm looking at myself here) and this concept extends far beyond just staying active as you age.  Definitely a message I need to absorb a little bit better once in a while.

I just wish my Mom would stay home once in a while so she had more time for me.  I'm lucky if I get 5 minutes these days. (Hi Mom!)

Yep, that's how she rolls.

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