Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mommies with the Mostest, If We Do Say So

My fellow blogger, Sarah, and I just completed a weekend of "research and development" for our little blog.  Yes, that's what we will call it. 

But, mostly fun was had by mostly all most of the time.  We jam-packed so much kid-oriented activities, toddler-inspired meals, and even a little mommy time into four days we can hardly believe it.  We felt like Super Moms and feel the need to brag for just a moment.  Because these special moments just do not occur as much as we might try to produce them.  And, why have a blog if you can't toot your own horn a little when it is deserving, right? 

While every day was special, as it always is when our families get together, Saturday was particularly so.  For some reason, the stars aligned, the kids were healthy enough, everyone cooperated, everyone napped according to schedule, and we were able to fit more in this day than I can usually fit in a month.  It may have been a day early, but it really felt like the most special Mother's Day.

(Disclaimer: None of the following would have been possible if not for the incredible behind the scenes support of one darling husband.) 

Here is what we pulled off:
- Soccer game for CJ
- Group outing to train park including carnival rides and picnic lunch
- Three-hour nap time for all kids
- Mommy pedicures and shopping
- Outdoor play and swim in the pool
- Wholesome dinner for kids and husband
- Kids prepped for bed
- Mommy night out (!!)

Needless to say, we were all a little tired on Sunday, the actual celebration of Mother's Day.  Perhaps so tired that little actual Mother's Day celebrating actually occurred, for a variety of reasons.  But you know what, it was ok.  Who cares if it wasn't on the actual day. We felt special and loved by our kids and husbands.  Isn't that what matters after all? 

If there is one thing I have learned in the three plus years since my oldest arrived, it's that you can not win at this motherhood thing every day, and in this case, especially with three little kids between us to wrangle.  It should be considered a miracle that we made it out of the house as much as we did. 

Clothes are optional, clearly.
Sarah and I actually have very little face-to-face time, as we live in different states hours apart.  Yet, we are so fortunate to be able to arrange weekend visits here and there and I am always so grateful for any time we have.  We try so hard to take advantage of this time together - to bond as friends, moms and also for our children to create relationships that will hopefully last a lifetime.  It's really pretty special. 

A few days later and I am still riding the high of the weekend.  Meanwhile, my kids are exhausted, cranky, and both of my kids and husband have been sick this week.  Yet, I am completely unstressed by these current circumstances and I attribute that solely to the four days I got to have with my bestest, as I call her.  A "shot in the arm" as my Mom would call it.  And, it really was. 

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