Sunday, March 9, 2014

Combating Illness Homeopathically?

I need to begin this post by stating that I am beyond blessed that my daughter is wholly healthy - physically and emotionally.  I would be remiss if I did not call attention to this fact as I launch into this post.

I nursed AK for 13 months.  I did so for many reasons, from the fact that it was very simple for us both, to the fact that I enjoyed creating that bond to the fact that it is supposed to improve an infants immunity to illnesses.  Many of my memories of my childhood, although extremely happy, included illness.  I am asthmatic and suffered with allergies, chronic colds and ear infections for my entire life.  I wanted nothing more than to do whatever I could do to prevent my AK from following in these specific footsteps.

Unfortunately, it hasn't started out that way.  At three months old, she picked up RSV and her illnesses, although relatively minor comparatively speaking, have continued.  Now, at sixteen months, she has had croup, RSV again, pneumonia, the flu and more ear infections than I can count.  At this point, it's starting to feel like she is sick more than she is well.  In addition, the medicines she has been on are starting to make me sick - literally and figuratively.

About a month ago, I decided that I had had enough of the antibiotics, steroids and cough medicines.  Not that I was considering leaving my child to suffer when medicines would help comfort her, but I felt that there just had to be a better way.

My second caveat is that I don't know how all of this will turn out.  I can tell you what I am hoping - and that's that in six months I look back with gratitude for the more natural methods I am trying having worked. Whatever it is, I am committed to documenting this journey in the hopes it will help not only us but someone else along the way.

I have started this journey with the chiropractor (I will call him doc from this point forward).  I found one, who happened to be mine, and he has a specialty in infants and children.  The first time I took AK, she slept more like that proverbial baby than I have ever seen.  It was almost like she could finally rest easy with her body back in alignment.  After two adjustments, the doc got admittedly cocky and I got admittedly trusting. We thought maybe we were working with a little one who would respond beautifully to a few adjustments and immunity would be immediately increased.  We were wrong.

She got heaps of sicknesses, one after another and I kept her away from the doc for no reason other than fear.  When I finally took her back, doc gave me a little lecture encouraging me to bring her in immediately the next time she even appears to be getting sick.  In addition, we have started a twice-weekly adjustment schedule until we can get her healthy for longer than seven days at a time!

In addition to this very ancient form of healing, I am trying the following things for proactive health:
(Note, I am not being paid, in any way, to endorse any of these products or websites)

1.  Humidifier.  The human body likes moisture.  The natural air we live in lacks moisture - even worse in some areas such as my state of Colorado.  When attempting to combat an illness, the body then makes its own moisture - in the form of mucous.  Enter illness.  Therefore, using a humidifier keeps the body from going into mucous overdrive.

2.  Pro-biotic.  Many doctors and scientists believe that good overall health ultimately begins in the gut.  Therefore, AK takes a pinch of probiotic powder twice a day.  I mix it in her oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, smoothie and she is none the wiser.
Here is the pro-biotic we use.

3.  Fish Oil.  Most children are deficient in DHA and EHA.  The omega-3 essentially fatty acids in fish oil.  These vital nutrients are crucial building blocks of child development and play key roles in every aspect of health.  They come in little gummies, which she of course, devours.
AK loves the tangerine flavor of these.

4.  Congaplex.  Sounds weird, but is simply designed to build immunity.  They are little chewables that I hand to her with her meal.
And the link to these little guys.

At the end of the day, I am thinking of this as a marathon to health for AK.  Although her illnesses are recoverable and I am forever grateful for that, I want her to experience a healthy life, even if she IS in daycare!

Stay tuned for updates...
Cleanliness - the ticket to good health!

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