Thursday, March 27, 2014

Becoming a Believer... in the Homeopathic Lifestyle...

A few weeks ago, I posted on the winter-time struggles we have had with AK's health and I shared some of the new attempts we were making to combat these illnesses and to perhaps even get ahead of the game by warding them off before they even started. Look at me getting all proactive on you...

I am here to say that I really wasn't sure how this was all going to turn out.  And, yes, I am aware that winter is not quite over and this doesn't mean that as soon as spring hits, all will be perfect. But, I was willing to try anything that would keep my AK from being sick more often than she was well.  To refresh your memory, we have battled:
1.  Countless ear infections (six to be exact)
2.  RSV
3.  Croup (twice)
4.  Pneumonia
5.  The Flu

And, we have now started practicing the following:

1.  Humidifier:  running as often as possible
2.  Pro-biotic:  a pinch in every meal
3.  Chiropractor:  twice a week
4.  Whole Food Supplements (see March 9th post for more information)

I've been diligent with the above methods.  Perhaps to a fault, but the RSV contracted days after the pneumonia ended made me just a bit neurotic, not to mention exhausted.

I have become, without question, a believer.  We are going on four and a half weeks with no illness. That hasn't happened since November.  (I'm not looking for pity here, but a little shock would be appreciated!) All four of these methods, on their own, would likely help slightly.  But, together, they are making her, as the chiropractor says, "bullet proof."

You may have your own beliefs about the chiropractor and I am not here to change them (OK, maybe I am.)  Chiropractic care is one of the most ancient forms of medicine, and when broken down, makes perfect sense.  Bottom line:  your body functions best when it is in its natural alignment.  When knocked out of alignment (which happens by just living), it's more difficult to fend off illness, more difficult to digest food and more difficult to sleep.

Each time I take AK, our Chiropractor (that's Dr. Dave to you) can immediately sense which vertebrae or rib need adjusting.  He also says - before I lead him down any road - "this rib is out.  It would affect her lungs.  Does she have a cough?"  Well, yes, doctor, she does.  It's pretty simple, actually.  And, it works.

A weekly adjustment with Dr. Dave

What I am most pleased with is two-fold.  First, AK's ears are getting a moment to heal.  She has had six ear infections this winter and it's impossible for them to heal when they pummel her one after another. Second, her body is returning to a more natural state, without antibiotics and steroids, and it's getting an opportunity to actually build immunity.

Listen, I'm not here to get all Polyanna on you and lead you to believe that my little one is never going to get sick again and live in this natural state of purity forever. But, I am here to encourage you to pursue other methods of combating these common illnesses in children.  If my child needs medicine to truly feel and get better, I'll be first in line at the pharmacist.  But, if I can make some headway and fend this garbage off before it starts, we're all in a much better state of health!

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